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No need to shop at multiple suppliers to remodel the interior of you home or business. Come in and check out our cabinets!  We offer stock, semi-custom, and complete custom solutions.

Wide variety and selection of countertops! Granite, Quartz, Marble, Soapstone, Solid Surface, Laminate, Butcher Block, and Vanity tops.


Remodeling your kitchen can be a substantial undertaking and we want to ensure you do it right, the 1st time. We take the time to understand your needs then professionally design a floor plan which gives you a feel for the layout and ergonomics of your new space. Stop in and see some of our current designs and see how we can get you closer to having your dream kitchen.

Innovative Kitchen | Flooring Supply in Chambersburg, PA is a full-service provider for any type of kitchen remodel you may be looking for. We provide a variety of cabinets and counter-tops that will fit your style and budget. No matter the size of your project, stop in and talk with an Innovative representative to see how we can turn your ideas into reality.


Cabinetry Solutions






Countertop Solutions


100% natural stone quarried from within the Earth.
Offering Cambria, Silestone, Hanstone, Quartz, Zodiac, and Caesar Stone.
Solid Surface
Offering Corian and Meganite.
Offering Wilson Art and Formica.
Butcher Block
Vanity Tops
Offering Granite, Quartz, and Cultured Marble

Granite vs. Quartz

  • Brand Names or Supplier: Supplied by Avanti and Bermati
  • What is it?: 100% natural stone quarried from within the earth
  • Heat Resistance: Not affected by heat
  • Cleanliness: Independent studies have found granite to be one of the most bacteria-resistant surfaces available
  • Scratch Resistance: Highly scratch resistant – small scratches can be professionally repaired
  • Fabrication: May require seams – various edge profiles available
  • Appearance: Highly polished finish – every piece is naturally unique in color and patterning
  • Maintenance: May require periodic sealing to prevent staining
  • Price: $35 sq/ft and up (20 sq/ft min.)
  • Brand Names or Supplier: Viatera, Caesarstone, Cambria, Zodiaq
  • What is it?: Man-made; 85%-95% crushed quartz with a resin binder
  • Heat Resistance: Can be affected by high heat (over 400F)
  • Cleanliness: Non-porous – very resistant to bacteria
  • Scratch Resistance: Highly scratch resistant
  • Fabrication: May require seams – various edge profiles available
  • Appearance: Polished finish – consistent and uniform color and patterning
  • Maintenance: N/A
  • Price: Comparable to Levels 4 and 5 Granite

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