Hardwood flooring is a great choice, and here’s why

Many homeowners are drawn to the hardwood flooring line because of the extensive lifespan, which means you'll likely never have to replace your floors, especially if you choose solid materials. However, the immense personalization opportunities are also a massive benefit for those who prefer the trendiest décor match possible. Read along now to find out which aspect of this flooring line will best fit your needs.

Wood floors offer plenty of benefits

Solid wood floors can last 100 years or more with proper care and a professional installation, while engineered materials bring up to 30 years of life. The best part about both is that you can choose to refinish these surfaces instead of replacing them. Once wear begins to show, the refinishing process can strip away all the wear and damage, giving you a like-new appearance with the option to change colors and finish type.

For great personalization, you can choose many options that cater to your lifestyle and décor, including species, stain color, finish type, and even installation layout and design. Each look helps create a specific result, so it's easy to match every interior design from the most rustic to the most contemporary. Be sure to ask about wooden mosaics and more to create something that is yours alone.

Each natural wood material must be acclimated before installation can begin, which can take up to three days, depending on the humidity and dampness in the area. Once you choose a material, project size, and installation type, we can give you all the details. Visit us for even more detailed information when you're ready to get started with your hardwood flooring.

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