Three durable bathroom flooring options

Three durable bathroom flooring options

New floors in the bathroom are an exciting part of your remodel. You'll want the most durable selections for your needs in this room.

Knowing what your bathroom flooring options are is a big part of the shopping process. Here are three options that could serve you in your bathroom.

1. Luxury vinyl flooring

With luxury vinyl, you get complete waterproof protection, even in flood conditions. This is one of the essential features of your bathroom flooring.

They also provide visuals that mimic natural stone, tile, and hardwood flooring too. So you can get the best performance floors from our flooring company, with the most impressive visuals.

2. Tile flooring

Tile flooring can offer lifespans of up to 50 years or more because of its durability. It protects against chips, cracks, stains, and more for excellent performance over time.

But it's a fantastic choice for visual appeal as well. Choose colors, formats, textures, and more to create a decor match like no other.

3. Natural stone and stone tile

Natural stone is one of the most durable floor coverings available. And it can last more than 100 years with professional installation.

If you choose stone for your new floors, ask for a type that needs no sealing. A product that needs sealing will also need resealing for excellent moisture resistance.

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