Which flooring can have radiant heating underneath?

Which flooring can have radiant heating underneath?

A good heat conductor is a material that lets heat flow through it easily. Thus, stone and ceramic tile floors are a great choice if your home includes a radiant heating system.

Innovative Kitchen and Flooring Supply in Chambersburg, PA, is a flooring company that offers stone and ceramic flooring, laminate, engineered wood, and luxury vinyl, which also work well with radiant heat.

Natural Stone

In addition to conducting heat, marble, slate, limestone, granite, travertine, and sandstone floors hold temperatures and distribute heat well. Granite Is the optimal natural stone flooring choice due to its durability, or resistance to moisture, cracking, scratching, and staining.


Ceramic and porcelain, a type of ceramic, are very tolerant to temperature extremes, and both have excellent tolerance to heat. So while it's never good to have highly rapid changes in temperature or moisture, seasonal changes do not negatively affect ceramic tile new floors.


Laminate expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity, so installers include an expansion gap when they install these floors. Underlayment with an attached vapor barrier that keeps moisture away from planks or tiles is laid beneath the flooring.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl also expands and contracts with environmental changes. So it's prudent to maintain a consistent temperature and a relative humidity level after this floor covering is installed in your home. Also, be sure to choose a floating floor design that features a click-lock system.

Engineered wood

Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood new floors can tolerate moisture because of their makeup. While manufactured wood resists temperature and humidity fluctuations, it expands and contracts. As a result, floating floors that need no attachment to the subfloor are the norm.

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